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The narrative begins three years after Season 4, soon after the successful release of Hank's new novel, Californication, when Hank breaks up with his latest lover Carrie (played by Natalie Zea) in New York. Depressed at the unpleasant breakup, he accepts without question an invitation from Charlie to return to L.A to meet a potential client, hip-hop artist Samurai Apocalypse (played by RZA). On the flight he almost joins the Mile High Club with a woman named Kali (played by Meagan Good) he later learns is the main squeeze of Apocalypse. While in L.A., Hank visits Karen and Becca and soon meets Karen's new husband (also old foe), Bates. Later, Hank meets Becca's new boyfriend Tyler which turns out badly. The episode ends with Hank learning that his New York girlfriend has just torched his apartment.


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